Starring as Emily in Elmwood Playhouse’s production of “Disgraced”

Starring as Emily in Elmwood Playhouse’s production of “Disgraced”

"Imagine" Coming 2019

"Imagine" Coming 2019

"Abner Strange” Coming 2019

"Abner Strange” Coming 2019

Coming Soon:  

Exciting News!! I have just been cast as Emily in a production of “Disgraced” that will run for 15 Performances at Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack, New York!

Click the link Broadway world link below for show dates and information about the play.

Mind’s Eye” VR Short Film (2018) *Now SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Under wraps at the moment, with promising opportunities within the next few months. Details TBA!

Imagine” Short Film (2018-2019)

Social Media. Advertising. Constant reminders of what your body “should” look like. “Imagine” shows the day in the life of your everyday woman, but brings a glimpse of what exactly is going on internally that the real world doesn’t really see. Learning to love yourself can be hard, but it’s integral in this day and age.

"Abner Strange" Short Film (2018)

A 50's housewife finds herself tied up and tortured by the one person she's always trusted... her husband. What exactly happened and why is his life suddenly spiraling out of control?

RECENT Completed Projects:

  • Mind’s Eye (Virtual Reality/360 Film) *SAG-AFTRA Eligible

  • Imagine (Short Film)

  • Double Double: Preview (La Sala: Catina Royal/Brooklyn)

  • A Sketch of New York *Sketch Comedy* (Producers Club, Theater)

  • Tics (Film)

  • Eating for Two (Film)

See the FILM section for the full productions above.