About Me-g

I'm a New York City based actress that drives a Toyota Prius (the mileage!!) and raves about Costco any chance she gets (the quantity!!). No, I don't know superman but yes, I do know that Beatles song. I was born and raised an hour outside of Manhattan but for some reason everyone in NYC considers it “upstate”. My first break out role as Cogsworth in my elementary schools production of Beauty and the Beast was what made me I realize I had a love for performing and ever since then I’ve been chasing after those butterflies in my stomach and that humming bird in my chest. I got my Associates in Performing Arts at Rockland Community College and shortly after was accepted into the Stella Adler 2 Year Professional Conservatory. After completing the program in June 2017, I decided it was time to fully immerse myself in the acting world and move to the concrete jungle. I currently reside in Brooklyn and you can find me riding my bike all over the borough, trying to explore it but ultimately getting lost.

As an actress, I'm always willing to collaborate with other artists in any way, whether it’s behind the camera or collaborating on a script, and thrive working outside of my comfort zone. I recently formed a production company with close friends and we completed our first short film, Retrograde, and are preparing our second short, Imagine, for festival season. I recently had the privilege of playing an antagonist in the VR/360 film Mind’s Eye that will be released in 2019 and can be seen on the TV show Shattered for Investigation Discovery. Aside from acting, I'm a waitress (I know, what a cliché) and an avid hiker. I've proudly watched The Lord of the Rings extended editions five times and perform an impressive air drum solo to "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins (who I just saw Live and it was amazing).